今後このレコードがどのような評価を受けていくのか見守りたいと思っています。THE HUSBANDという80年代初頭の東京のバンド。




People say "There is no unknown record in Japan".
However, obscure unknown record is discovered once several years...


This LP is ultra rare? & obscure Japanese Ambient/New wave/New age gem.
Maybe, Nobody got this record without this band members and me or few friends.

How do you feel this sounds? I thinks this is really awesome.

If you have some information about this LP & The Husband,
let me know plz.


Track list is below.
English title is my translation...

A1: 開眼前夜 (0:00) The eve opening my eyes
A2: 極楽寺の春 (4:05) Spring in temple of utopia
A3: 七色の夏休み (09:46) Rainbow summer vacation
A4: あい・ざんぶり(12:23) I ZAMBURI = means "take a bath"???
A5: 虹と鈴 (18:34) Rainbow and bell
B1: 峠の茶屋 (24:00) Cafe on pass
B2: 大菩薩峠のもみじ道 (30:28) The Japanese maple road across the pass of bodhisattva
B3: モンマルトルの足跡〜黒猫のピアニスト (35:10) Montmartre - black cat pianist
B1: Hi-Hi (40:33)
B5: 工場少年 (45:08) Factory boy


Tsutomu Sezai
Synthesizer, Rythm Pulse, Tape, Guitar

Kouichi Tanaka
Synthesizer, Rythm Composer, Guitar, Bass

Shiro Sato
Piano, Organ, Electronics

Special Thanks to
Satoshi, Drums
Sugie, Sax

Recorded & Mixed at Home Studio KAMATA, KOMAZAWA, KAMISHAKUJII
Produced by THE HUSBAND

'81 August

Rip from original 1981 LP released by themselves (AOLS-81)
with interview of The Husband insert. (Interview has almost not content or information...)

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